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Hello, my name is J’iam, I thought I’d better formally introduce myself

Being an Englishman at heart I today realized that I’ve been blathering on without ever properly introducing myself! Lol!

 I am 62 years of physical age, but have lived my life at three times the experience rate of most people, because i have never been afraid of doing what I wanted or needed to do.

When I look at my life and see the things I have experienced it amazes me. I have actually been physically reborn by experiencing a Near Death experience (Drowning, and it was wonderful, amazing, astounding!), experienced rebirth into the spiritual world, experienced rebirth into the metaphysical world and experienced rebirth into the realm of the Poor and the Peacemakers, I have also experienced many negative things too like riches and poverty (both dis-empowered states. So what I am saying is that I am nearly 200 years old in “life experience”. And I still have another 23 years to life on this planet/plane! (Another 75 virtual years! Lol!)

My goals within the life network are as follows…

 1) to always gift the first 10% of all income to my family bank

2) to stay true to myself (so I can be true to others)

3) to be utilized as an expert public speaker, motivator and PEACEMAKER throughout the world

4) to ever increase my expertise within the fields of Health, happiness, peace, success and prosperity

5) to gain a living from my expertize within 6 months, as of today


I am a spiritual master and a metaphysical master. I have come into the network to increase my physical mastery. I experience life as BE, DO and now having (the opposite order from most people! Lol!) If anyone needs help with spiritual or metaphysical problems please feel free to contact me.

How can I help? Well, I got a man access to his son after two and half years denial by the mother (the father had legal access every weekend!) simply by moving the whole case from the physical plane to the spiritual plane of Justice. It took 3 minutes and the mother phoned up the father within 18 hours and asked him to take his son for the upcoming long weekend! We had no physical communication with her at all. All i did was work the (higher) law and the law worked for him. read that again for that is a key to life – WORK THE LAW AND THE LAW WORKS FOR YOU!

 Spiritual power is the power of BEing. Metaphysical power is the power of DOing. physical power is the power of having.

 I already have Being and Doing in my arsenal and now I am moving into having. So the network “miraculously” popped into my life Lol!

 If you are a young person who is chasing after havingness you probably will succeed. But to KEEP IT you have to build your BEingness and Doingness in line with the higher laws of the universe. Otherwise you can lose your havingness a lot easier than it was built.

I have 500 year goals, do you? I have goals for 100 years do you? I have goals for 50, 20, 10, 5, 3, 2, 1 years do you? If you don’t have all of the goals you are not working wholistically. Only by being wholistic can we establish Continuity, Stability and growth (note the order!). It is in lack of continuity that people fall over. It is in lack of stability that people have crisis. it is in lack of growth that people struggle.

But it is in continuity that we are safe, in stability that we are secure and in growth that we are content. So set your life up right. If you are already financially free then set up the continuity and stability aspects – for financial freedom is not assured on the physical level forever, unless you have set yourself up right on the spiritual and metaphysical levels as well!


 So that is my introduction of myself to you. Now we can BE friends. If you have an “unsolvable problem” my door is always open for consultation. I have access to tools like no others (e.g. the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network – a tool for setting up the vituous cycle in your life!). Plus I have “powers of command” (“as ye speak out of your mouth so it shall BE”). Plus much more!


So, if you have problem that seems unsolvable, you are probably trying to solve a metaphysical or spiritual problem on a physical level. I can track the SOURCE of the problem and once that is done the solution is usually fairly simple and the results amazing!

 reverend master j’iam


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