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The New Paradigm

The word paradigm means a general pattern or model, so there is a new pattern, or model, extent in the world today.

The bird of world peace has two wings. It has taken 171 years for prosperity to consolidate into one wing of the bird. We don’t need any more prosperity – there is enough for everyone, right now. What we need is a new system of distribution to share the wealth fairly.

Whilst capitalism was used to build the prosperity, it is now hampering world peace, because the prosperity is not being shared equitably. The fruits of capitalism have been concentrated into the hands of a few who gorge most of the world’s assets and won’t share them with others – much like a naughty child who wants all the Toys and refuses to share them with anyone!

So the other wing – the wing of prosperity (which is more about distribution than creating prosperity) is being built right now. This will give the bird a chance to fly, so that we may see a New Age – the likes of which mankind has never seen before! An age of true Peace and Prosperity for all!

The word “paradigm” is what I call a Buzz-word. It’s meaning leads onto other things. Because there is a new general pattern around, that means the tools we used to control the old pattern are no longer working! We need a new tool, a new method.

The ditches we dug for a rainfall cannot cope with the flood conditions of abundance! So God has gifted us a new tool – a wholistic peace and prosperity tool that allows us – the people – to build our own personal peace and prosperity.

What is the best way to share, to redistribute, the wealth of the world? To simply stop allowing the capitalist bullies to take our toys (assets) off us! We all have enough assets during our lifetimes to redistribute wealth away from the rich back to us, but to date there has been no realistic methods of doing this!

In 1992 God revealed the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network to me, in a two day vision! It then took me 19 years to fully understand the system and what it’s purpose was. At first I thought it was a system to make me wealthy. And then, at the end of the 19 years I realised it was a system to replace capitalism, communism, all the “isms!” to make every one who chooses to be wealthy able to do so!

WPPN (the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network) has 4 basic fundamentals – body, mind, soul and spiritual law. These four factors are changes for the better, to achieve Personal Peace and Prosperity.

You see, God is now working at the cellular level to change the body of the world! He is working with you and I to make us peaceful and prosperous, so the world may become peaceful and prosperous too. God is working local, whilst thinking global! Working on the cellular level to heal the body! WPPN is a permanent solution to the economic problems of the world.

To try to imagine peace without prosperity is an illusion. To try to imagine prosperity without peace is also an illusion! We have all the assets we need on a world basis to solve all the problems in the world, with only 25% of annual arms spending. But the political system won’t release that money for use because the people “are too lazy!” What that really means is the political system is addicted to war and won’t look after the people it is currently “defending” itself against!

So we must deny them (the capitalists/politicians) access to our assets. We can do this through WPPN.

Know 90% of westerners have enough money to become millionaires in 20 to 40 years! What we lack is three things – Knowledge, a Method and Commitment! Now God has released a method that provides the knowledge within it and accelerates the results to minimise the time we need to reach peace and prosperity. He has also made it permanent so that it passes down through the generations!

This method is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN)! After 19 years of study and 23 years of actions I couldn’t ask for anything better!

During these 19 years of study God was with me every step of the way, showing me the secrets I’d need to know to make this system work for others. It’s okay to have a perfect system, but not okay if no one can explain it! All systems/methods, have to be duplicable! It took me 19 years to make WPPN duplicable.

The good news is that you too can use this method to create Personal peace and prosperity in your life. Whilst it took me 19 years to even understand it, I find now that it only takes a member 5 to 10 years to move from hopelessness to personal wealth and prosperity. And that time will reduce as the system spreads!

It always seems impossible until someone does it! Everyone knew you couldn’t break the 4 minute mile until Roger Bannister actually did it! Within 6 weeks another 10 had done it because, suddenly, they knew it was possible! It always comes down to one person being “inspired” to make the change!

I am Blessed to have been picked to be that person who introduces a new world system of Peace and Prosperity, that is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network!

We will never be at this stage again, where we can be the original builders of a new system! After us all the rest will be followers, not leaders!

Come and Join us and make yourself the captain of your own Boat, the decider of your own destiny, the planner of your own future, the creator of a whole new way of life for yourself, your family and descendents!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam

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ARRRGH!!! J’iam said the “C” word!!! Indeed, I did – and I ‘ll say many more times yet!

 J’iam said the “C” word!  J’iam said the “C” word!!  J’iam said the “C” word!!!!

indeed i did and I find it really offends people too! Not that it should, but it just does! I say it to them and then I watch them instantly withdraw from me, as far away as they possibly can! But that won’t stop me saying it, because we all need to hear the “C” word. More than that, we all need to DO the “C” word. Not to someone else but to ourselves first and then to others!

So what is the “C” word? It is Commitment! Commitment to self and then commitment to others. But most don’t want to hear the word self-commitment because they are too tied to their illusions (vain imaginings). Women say men are commitment shy but women are just as, if not more, guilty to avoiding self-commitment!  

Both men and women have illusions that stop them advancing in life. I see it time after time – people committing to this “Get-rich-quick” scheme and that one, failing over and over because all these schemes are only surface deep! Money, the accumulation of money, is held up as the capitalist ideal! Just get financial freedom and all your problems will be solved. Well, i’m sorry to tell you this, but money won’t solve all your problems. Money only solves the problems of lack of money! But it doesn’t buy you happiness – happiness has to be earned! 

How can we “EARN” happiness? It is not a tangible thing like a brick, or a sandwich or money. And that is the very reason why we have to commit! Commit to what? Commit to making our own life happy, of course! To make our lives happy we have to find the SOURCE OF HAPPINESS! Where is the source of happiness? In the spiritual kingdom! Ask any wise man and he will tell you the same thing!

Find Nirvanah! Where is Nirvanah? In the spiritual kingdom of course!

Find Bliss! Where is Bliss? In the spiritual kingdom of course!

Find Ecstasy! Where is Ecsatsy found? In the spiritual kingdom of course!

Find Heaven! Where is heaven found? In the spiritual kingdom of course!

All roads lead to Rome they say, but spiritually speaking all permanent happiness can only be found in the spiritual kingdom!

And how do we open the doors of the spiritual kingdom? By asking! And how do we find the courage to ask? By committing to ourselves first and foremost! I know a lot of people will say, “AH, but that’s egotistical!!” but it’s not! Commitment to self is the first thing we have to do to open the doors to the spiritual kingdom. Without self-commitment you will never have the courage to ask to be shown the door to the kingdom, to meet your maker! 

The 11th commandment (Love yourself and others wholly and unconditionally) is about self commitment first and then commitment to others – “As within, so without!” To do so, is not egotistical but spiritual! 

Who do you think God Loves above all others? Why Himself off course. The hierarchy of God’s love goes ..

God loves God        first

God Loves Man       second

Man Loves God       third

Man Loves Man!      fourth

Can you see now why we need to love ourselves first? We need to love ourselves first to fill the bottom and top positions simultaneously! We need to love ourselves firstly as God to God (we are made in the image of God!) and secondly as Man to Man! This is what self-commitment is about! And this is why people are so terrified of self-commitment! People will willingly worship almost anything except God/Love! We are made in the image of God. Therefore people will willingly commit to almost anything other than themselves! These commitments to “other things” are called illusions or vain imaginings!

Only by loving ourselves first can we then commit to ACCEPTING God’s LOVE into our lives and to passing that Love on in the form ofLoving others (Man). If we can’t Love the Man part of ourselves how can we Love the Man part of others? We can’t!

Can you see why self-commitment is the KEY asset that we need to join the spiritual kingdom?

If you can’t see this fact, then ask the universe , “What am I missing here? Please show me in good and Godly circumstances, under the laws of providence, what J’iam is talking about here!

“Ask and thou shall receive (an answer) Knock and the door shall open!” To open spiritual doors we have to use the right words! Open Sesame!! Nope, not the right words. The right words are above in underlined bold letters! Just read them aloud and all will be revealed to you! And when it is, you’ll start using the “C” word too!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Peace and prosperity is Possible, Probable, Inevitable!

If there is one man alone in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is possible!

If there are 7 people in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is even more possible! 

If there is one in 100 million in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is again more possible! 

If there is one in 10 million in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is probable! 

If there is one in 1 million in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is even more probable! 

If there is one in 1,000 in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity is  almost inevitable!

If there is one in 100 in this world with thoughts of peace and prosperity, then peace and prosperity are inevitable!

Even if there are only one in 1,000 in this world of  7 billion, with thoughts of peace  and prosperity, then there are 70,000,000 – 70 million – people in the world with thoughts of peace and prosperity! And the strength of 70 million people thinking alike is phenomenal! Because each one can teach one one! That is to say that in ten years one person can teach another person to think peacefully, by conversation or exanple. So after 10 years there will be 140,000,000 peaceful people,

And each one of these can then teach another one person over 10 years, to give us 280,000,000 people with thoughts of peace. and prosperity. And in another 10 years the figures will again double, as the power of this divine thought increases to 560,000,000. At this point the rest of the world will fall into place with the dominant source of thought, as negative thoughts are only white noise but thoughts of peace  and prosperity are a single note chiming – like a bell – throughout the world, and becoming a part of the human consciousness!

Peace is not just a thought, but a spiritual essence that rings louder than any thoughts of confusion. This is why I say peace is inevitable! 

And the support for peace is always prosperity for the individual, just as the support for prosperity is always peace for the individual. For prosperity is also a spiritual quality, that has never been displayed in the world at large to date. It has always been contained within the elite few, who have reigned with either benign or malevolent dictatorships. In this new age we – the individuals of the world – have to start accumulating and spiritualizing money, tools, assets, goods and services. It is the spiritualizing of these things that produces a democratic prosperity.

For if the people are spiritual and own most (if not all) of the assets, then who can manipulate those assets to there own end? Certainly not the usurers of the world, certainly not the rich of the world, certainly not the bullies of the world. Certainly, only the people of the world!

Some may say I’m a dreamer, but are not the dreams of yesterday the realities of today? They are. I can remember a time when ipads and hand held telephones, computers  etc. were only dreams in comic books! But today they are reality, The internet has “sprung up out of nowehere” and taken the world by storm, and, although the world is closer in degrees we are still only slightly closer to communicating love to each other! But slightly closer is an improvement. And slight improvement upon slight improvement, upon slight improvement compounds upwards. Today we stand on the edge of a divine civilisation , the likes of which mankind has never seen before

Today we have, for the first time in the history of mankind, the TOOLS to achieve personal peace and prosperity. And one of those tools is the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network. And once the whole world is personally peaceful  and prosperous then the world too will be peaceful and prosperous! For what are we as individuals? The cells of the body of the world! If the cells are all healthy, then the body must be healthy too!

So with the will, the actions and the tools, Personal Peace and Prosperity are inevitable! Wirh personal peace and prosperity inevitable then world peace and prosperity is inevitable too!

I call all spiritual brothers and sisters to Peace and Prosperity.

Amen, Amen, Amen!

reverend master j’iam


What is dwnd? What does it mean??

I shifted rooms a few weeks ago and ended up stacking a box on top of my speakers. I was laying in bed and looked up and saw the word dwnd. What does that mean, I thought? Every day i looked at it from my bed and pondered on it’s meaning. Then after three weeks I looked at it again, but instead of just looking at the word, i looked at it’s surrounding to see if i could grab any meaning from them. And straight away I noticed that all the smaller words surrounding it were printed upside down! It suddenly became apparent to me that I was looking at the word dwnd upside down! So I inverted it in my head and realised that the word actually read “pump” the right way up! And that “pump” was the brand name of a spring water company! And that was the meaning of the word, but it had been reversed by turning it through 180 degrees. So dwnd means nothing until it is re-rotated through another 180 degrees! How does this little life lesson for me tie in with real life? 

We are born into the physical world of opposites. Our major dominant purpose at birth is to find the metaphysical and spiritual worlds so we can become adults. Many people have a job finding either worlds. But the secret lays in dwnd. The physical world consists of opposites that attract each other. To move out of the physical into the metaphysical world we have to turn the physical attributes upside down and look for qualities that attract each other, for the mataphysical world is one of “like attracts like” also expressed as “birds of a feather flock together“.

Once we can get out of our one-eyed vision of the physical world we can see the stereo world of the metaphysical! But as long as we stare at the physical world we can’t achieve the metaphysical! This is the way of life – we have to let go of, become DETACHED FROM, one idea for another, larger idea to come into focus. So dwnp becomes pump! And the physical becomes the physical and the meta-physical wolds!. Meta is a suffix that means”beyond“. so the metaphysical world is beyond the physical world. Which is why it is so hard to find!

We are born into, and live in, the physical world for the first part of our lives (the parts of our lives go in seven year cycles. Every seven years, every atom in our bodies is replaced, so we are no longer the same person.  Every seven years we undergo a spiritual transformation. From the age of birth until seven we live in a concrete, physical world – why do you think we believe in Santa and satan? Because they are concrete representations of good and evil. But at the age of seven we move into the metaphysical world of abstract thinking and no longer need concrete examples of things to understand them (although some people – fundamentalists, never grow out of the physical). So from the age of 8 to 15 we live in  both the physical and metaphysical worlds. 

At the age of 15 we should move into the spiritual world, but unfortunately that is right in the middle of the teenage years and we are hormonely raging know-it-alls! Lol! But we CAN make spiritual choices for ourselves from the age of 15 as this is considered the age of spiritual maturity, the age at which we can make out own minds up about spiritual matters. The problem with moving from the physical/metaphysical worlds to the spiritual is that the rules of engagement change again and we have to use a different method to have the spiritual worlds revealed to us/

And what is the method to reveal the spiritual worlds to each and every one of us? It is to simply ask to be shown! I know I remained an atheist for 14 years, even though for 7 of those years I Knew that there is life after death, after drowning at the age of 21! It took me another 7 years to actually ask aloud to be shown the spiritual world! The spiritual world is like a gentleman’s club whose membership is closed to only those who ask to be entered into it! We literally have to knock on the door of the club. Entry (for the most part) is only open to those who ask! And who can ask to gain entry? Why everyone of course! That is the paradigm, the paradox of the spiritual world – it is an exclusive club that is open to anyone who wants to join! LOL!!! 

So like my dwnd/pump, the answer is right there in front of our noses. So close to our noses, that we tend to look right through it to find the solution we are seeking! Like focusing afar whilst needing to focus closely to see the writing with the answer on it!

So if you are far from the spiritual world, and want to join it, simply ask aloud right now! Say, “I want to know about the spiritual world and enter into it in good and Godly circumstances!” These 17 words are all that is needed! As soon as you have said it aloud, it creates a vibration in the universe, like the vibration within the club caused by you pressing the bell on the street entrance(you can’t hear the bell ringing inside the club, but it definitely rings and a “butler” is sent to open the door!). So knock on the door, ring the bell, speak aloud your request to be admitted as a member of the club. That (for the vast majority of mankind) is the only way to do it!

And there is the secret to finding entrance to the spiritual world. Speak it aloud and the “Butler” will be sent to admit you. It took me sixth months to gain entry, as I had to remove my suit of armour, my bullet proof vestings, my raincoats etc to enter through the door because these things are not needed inside the centrally heated, protected environs of the club! I have seen people answered overnight, for they were as close to the answer as I was far away from it! Your time of entry is unknown, to you but far quicker than you imagine it to be! Once you are admitted inside you will be “reborn” again as a new person/soul/member. Be not afraid for everything will be taken care of – the source of all love and compassion in the universe hears your call and answers it and no man can resist it, no man can stop him coming to you and revealing the truth to you. Well only one man can can stop that happening and that is you – we have free will, the choice to turn towards or to turn away from Love. That is why we have to ask aloud; then there can be no mistake in you wanting to be admitted to the spiritual world because you have literally asked for it!  

The answer to the question will be perfect for you, for the creator knows how we are made and knows exactly what we need.

So again I ask you(for the third time) to speak your request aloud. Just the once – God (or whatever you want to call Him) can hear the merest whisper in the loudest storm. You simply have to speak it – “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” [Matthew 7:7]

amen, amen, amen,


Order in the universe

From the beginning there has always been order in the universe. Only since the creation of Mankind has there been any disoder. Know that all disoeder comes from the gify of free will, literally the gift of being able to turn towards ar away from Love! All disorder (uncivilisation) comes from turning away from Love – theft, cheating, lying, deception, back-biting, fighting, killing, war, genocide, dictatorships, dark ages etc.

With the creation of divine civi lisation comes Peace. Prosperity, Justice, Freedom, order, certainty, etc.

 Know that the Rod of God is knowledge and obedience to higher law. “Spare the rod and spoil the child” doesn’t mean that we should beat our children with rods of wood (canes) but means we must teach them the ways of knowledge and obedience to higher law in order that divine civilisation can be contiuous, multigenerational. If spare the rod (the teaching of Moses) was interpreted as “ we can beat out children”, then Jesus’s teaching were interpreted as we can slay our enemies with a sword because He came with a rod of steel (and Jesus wept)! Surely a rod of steel means a sword?!! No it doesn’t.

In this new age we have been presented with a rod of gold. Who are we going to beat with a rod of gold? This is being interpreted as those in possession of the gold( Money, assets, services) can beat the poor withit This is exactly what the usurers of the world are doing today with their gold.

Wood was the Knowledge of Moses and equates to kindergarden and primary school. All the rules were concrete but still able to create a divine knowledge for some of mankind, on and off throughtout that age.

Steel was the knowledge of Jesus and Muhammed. Agin it was able to create divine civilisations on and off for a musch larger portion of manking for up to 300 hundred years at a time. The age of steel was the age of the middle and high schools.

Today we live in an age of Golden knowledge and the first divine civilisation is slowly being formed. But in this age the Divine Civilisation will be world wide, for all mankind (“the earth is but one country, manking it’s citizens”) and for up to 1,000 years. This is what is being formed right now! Today we are in Spiritual university and young adulthood. Soon the woes of this day will pass away and the dawing of universal peace and prosperity will arise!

 Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfil.” Matt 5:17. A greater truth never faults a lesser truth, just expands on it. Thus the five year olds truth of motor cars goess like this;, “what makes a car go?” – “the engine!” whilst the university students level of understand is, “what makes a car go?” – “the transference of stored energy in petrol into heat energy, which is then transferred into kinetic energy by the engine and transferred to the wheels by the driving linkages to create motion in the car!” Does that destroy the truth of the five year old? No. it doesn’t! It is just a more refined understanding of the truth. This is exactly what Jesus meant when he said “I come to build on the prophets of old not to destroy them. “The truth is the truth, is the truth, is the truth!”