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The true path to Wealth

There is much talk of wealth and many promising it – almost instantaneously – for a monetary cost to you! These people are talking a load of rubbish and the only person who stands to gain in any transaction with them is them, not you! There is no such thing as instant wealth, although there is such a thing as instant riches. But I’ve noticed that instant riches appear and disappear at the same speed!

To gain true wealth we have to follow a spiritual path. Why is this? Because true wealth consists of 5 things – Health(spiritual), Happiness, Peace, Success(spiritual, metaphysical and physical) and Prosperity. Whilst riches consist of only 2 things – Success(metaphysical and physical) and Prosperity. Notice that number two on the list is highlighted and underlined. This is because Happiness is the KEY factor in wealth.

Spiritual wealth is based on true happiness, riches are not.

Spiritual wealth is based on gifting, whilst riches are based on taking.

Spiritual wealth is empowered By God, riches and poverty are both dis-empowered states

Spiritual wealth is Spiritual Life, whilst riches and poverty is spiritually dead. (For the wages of sin (spiritual fault) is (spiritual) death”)

It is as simple as that.

As Jesus knew, we always have to go to the State of poor before reaching the State of Abundance as the state of Poor is the foundation stone of Abundance. “Blessed are the Poor in Spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” What is heaven? The ultimate state of happiness of course! First we have to be Happy and then we can become Abundant. Otherwise we just become rich and unhappy!

This is why He (Jesus) told the rich man to gift all his money to the Poor. In doing so the rich man would have become detached from his money and become happy! And then all of his money would have been returned to him multiplied by the laws of sowing and reaping (“As you sow (gift), so shall you reap multiplied”) and he would have slid over to abundance! Which is exactly what he asked for! But the rich man was too attached (addicted) to his money to find true happiness and turned away! Turned back to his misery. Addiction is a harsh mistress indeed!

To sum up; there are four states in life, two disempowered, two empowered. The two disempowered states are riches and poverty. The two empowered states are Poor and Abundance. When we have achieved both states of Poor and Abundance we reach the ultimate state of Wealth. To move from poverty and riches to the state of Abundance and Wealth, we have to become Poor first. The state of Poor is the foundations of the house of Abundance. The state of wealth is when we move into the House and live there permanently!

Every person who asks can achieve the state of poor – everyone! Some will remain in the state of Poor for life for that is their Beingness on earth and they will be compensated in the next world. But your chances of remaining Poor are very small. The vast majority in this new age will move onto abundance!

Of course you cannot become poor by yourself! You have to ask God to become Poor and then you will be led to a master (usually many masters) to guide you into this Blessed state. Where would you find such a master? Why He is writing this article – Reverend Master J’iam.

All you have to do to become poor is to join the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network and commit 100% to making your life abundant. WPPN is a tool to assist you in achieving this, as it sets up Virtuous Cycles to achieve it! Virtuous cycles are the opposite of vicious cycles that are spiritual seeds that can Be grown by anyone with a commitment under the 11th commandment (“Love thou One Another as I Love Thee!” John 13:34)

So that is excellent news! There is a path ready and awaiting anyone who will commit 100% to themselves and to God’s method (we cannot commit to God unless we are 100% committed to ourselves!)

Reverend master J’iam is the first of this new epoch to have this system. It is brand new, revealed in 1992 and taking 19 years to set up. The world will be fully into the new age in 2035 with this replacement for capitalism fully in place by then. And that will lead to 1,000 years of peace and prosperity as promised in the Bible. We live in Good days my friend!

All we have to do is recognise the truth and “the truth will set us free.” I am a member of the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network and the difference it has made to my life is phenomenal!

may Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity Be yours,

reverend master J’iam

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It takes seven years to become truly Peaceful

It takes seven years to become truly Peaceful, SEVEN YEARS!

But if we don’t do it, the seven years will pass anyway and we’ll still be miserable. Because to Be without Peace, truly is a life of misery. Sometimes there is less misery and it’s bearable, but it’s a bit like having a toothache all the time. Peace means without pain, without agony, without suffering (the Budha’s Nirvana!) To be detached, Peaceful, blissful, joyous, content, ecstatic and without pain is a wonderful blessing!

Why does it take seven years? Because it takes 30 days to eliminate one bad habit and replace it with a good habit. And 60 days to make the new habit permanent! And we have that many habits to change that it takes seven years!

Know that we cannot change a negative habits if we don’t know we even have them. And that we cannot change a negative habits without replacing them with positive ones. And that we cannot replace a negative habit without commitment. All these things take effort and appliance on our part.

The main reason most people never find Peace is because they don’t realise that they have a negative habits! It takes the knowledge of a higher source to tell us that we have these negative habits and to point out their positive replacements. And to listen to that higher source we have to be willing to submit our will to it’s Will. That is to say we have to be willing to submit our will to the Will of God.

It is not hard to submit your will to the Will of God in this new age. It is nothing like the Islamic submission to the Will of God because theirs is only a temporary religion (the Koran cannot be translated into other languages, it is for the Arabians only) There is a saying in Islam, “we have a thousand (years) but not two!” This is another indication that Islam is a temporary religion. And that it is now in the “Spanish inquisition” part of religions.

So we are in a new age – this is obvious by the advances Man has made since 1844! Cars, phones, computers, planes, washing machines, microwaves etc., etc., the list goes on and on and on! We live in an age, “the likes of which mankind has never seen before!” Do you think that Man did this alone? In your dreams! The new age is God inspired and to bring permanent Peace and Prosperity to our new age we have to start obeying the new laws of God. That is why I write these blogs to reveal knowledge to others that helps each individual become Peaceful (first) and then Prosperous.

The order goes Peace and then Prosperity. It takes seven years to become truly Peaceful and then another seven to become truly Prosperous! Prosperity is nothing like what man imagines it to be. Prosperity is a life of service, where you can have anything you want. But you’ll find your needs and wants are not exorbitant, as you have the detachment of Peace! So there is enough in the world for everyone – and I mean everyone – to Be Peaceful and prosperous!

To imagine Peace without Prosperity and Prosperity without Peace is like trying to build a car with only two wheels – both on the same side of the vehicle or to the front or the rear! It just doesn’t work in the long run. And God is all about permanent solutions! Man is all about temporary, stop-gap solutions. Which one do you want in your life – the permanent or the temporary?

To know Peace and then to lose it is a terrible loss. To know Prosperity and then to lose it is also a terrible loss. The only permanent solution is to have both! And the ORDER is always Peace first and then Prosperity.

But man will insist on chasing Prosperity first! Prosperity without Peace is actually a form of poverty and it is called riches! It is very hard to move from riches to Peace because riches are about accumulating assets as power, and you know that power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely! That is why riches are a state of poverty.

So my friend, what do you want? If you want Peace and then Prosperity, I can show you a path. If you want Peace alone I say you are a fool. If you want Prosperity alone, I say your are a double fool!

Yes it may take 14 years to achieve, but how old are you now? Add 14 years to that and that is how old you will be when you are Peaceful and Prosperous for life! Fourteen years out of a life time is only really a very short period!

Sorry for being so blunt today but I am reaching a stage where I like to call a spade a spade and call things as I see them.

kindest regards,
May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,
reverend master j’iam

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