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Step by Step Towards Peace and Prosperity – A guide for the individual

Step by Step Towards Peace and Prosperity

A guide for the individual

Many years ago I wrote to a local millionaire asking him if there was a millionaire training club or some such thing. Of course I got no reply, because the person I had written to was rich rather than wealthy and had no idea of what I was asking for!

So I asked God instead and He heard me and replied in an epiphany which I received in 1992. In this epiphany I was shown the steps towards wealth. The first thing I learned was that there is no direct path to wealth.

Instead the process is a two step process, firstly to Peace and then to Prosperity! To aid this path I was given an orgsnised wealth creation system called the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (WPPN).

Riches are a single step process because it is simply a do and have process. But wealth is a Be, do and then have process. And our beingness must be achieved through the state of Poor because this is man’s ultimate state of happiness(spiritual, metaphysical and physical)! What is the point of having riches and being miserable? “What profiteth a man if he gains the world (riches) and loses his soul(misery)”

This why most people never become wealthy, because having achieved the state of poor by trial and error, there is very little incentive to go on from that point. Rather we have to set the goal of wealth from the very get-go! Because wealth is a higher state of spiritual beingness than Poor, Poor is the step up to wealth!

When I was Given the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network (synergy) I tested it in two ways – I tried to destroy it and I tried to build it. After 3 months of doing both of these things I found that I couldn’t destroy it and it was working and growing! So I took it to a friend on mine who was a bank manager and showed him. He looked at it and said, “It seems to good to be true!” So I said to him, “Well if you can take it home and destroy it, I’ll be most grateful as I don’t want to spend the rest of my life working on a falsehood!”

The next week I went back and his words stunned me, he said, “It’s perfect and I want to join!” Of course at that stage I had nothing for him to join – I had no idea that it would take me 19 years to set up an organisation he could join! Lol! For that is how long it took me to fully understand the organisation itself and for me to become truly Poor!

Today we stand with a core membership and I can see as I write these words that God’s plan for my life is progressing steadily forwards and I have already entered the Wealth stage of life spiritually , although it hasn’t manifested in the physical plane as yet!

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Youth has everything?

Yes, youth has everything – except experience! Lot’s of experience leads to hindsight, lots of hindsight leads to “wisdom”. Wisdom means, “the quality of having experience, knowledge, and good judgement; the quality of being wise.”

There are three ways to gain wisdom – (1) by doing the hard yards, experiencing pain and suffering. Or by (2) studying the hard yards, the pain and suffering of others and learning what not to do and by (3)studying under wise masters and learning what to do! Numbers two and three are much easier than the experience way! But these two ways are also the least used by youth!

There is a saying, “You don’t have to experience everything to Know everything!” This is predominantly true, but not wholly true as there are some things you cannot learn without experiencing them. So the universe sets “Trials” that we cannot avoid and we have to go through to experience, hopefully just the once, but if not then time and time again until we actually learn the lesson we are to learn!

In these situations we can moan and wail all we want, but until we learn the lesson we need to learn we will experience it time and time again because tests are the mercy of the Universe/Love/God. We are not tested in these circumstances as a karmic return for bad deeds, nor as a “cruel and unusual punishment” but as a learning situation we NEED to learn to progress!

Some give up and turn away from Love/Knowledge and turn towards the dark side, where they are left alone and not tested so “hard” (or even at all!)

This is expressed in the saying, “The devil takes his own and leaves them to themselves!” They are not tested any more and stop growing!

The whole point of these tests is that they are for us to grow spiritually! They are actually imposed on us for our own growth! And they are never imposed on us until we are strong enough to conquer them (God never tests us beyond our means!) So those who turn and run away are actually spiritual failures.

As I have said before some experiences are not capable of being taught by anything except directly experiencing them! Once we pass the test it will never occur again (unless we totally forget it!)

Young people and youthful reborns (up to the age of 105!). Make it as easy as possible on yourself by getting a good master and learning from Hir (hir is a new word that means him/her).

Plus start learning from the foolish experiences of others! This will serve to cut out 80% of your so called tests! You can easily learn and pass these remaining 20% of real tests, as you will have a master to guide you and observational skills that you learned from watching others. These you then apply to yourself, because you have built up a suite of tools so you can pass your tests fairly easily!

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