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The Three sources of disease

Know that, in the big scheme of things, there are only three sources of disease. Within each source there are many individual diseases, so it appears as if there are a huge number of sources of diseases, but there are only three.

the sources of all diseases are either…




Physical diseases are mainly bacterially based, things like tuberculosis, plague, diptheria etc. Most of these have been wiped out by antibiotics and cleanliness.

Metaphysical diseases are mainly virally based. The common cold is a good example of a metaphysical disease, as is aids. There are simple and complex cures for most of these types of diseases today.

Spiritual diseases are the remaining, and by far the largest, source of problems in the world today. Things like war, corruption, murder, theft, arson, drugs, homosexuality, pedophilia, lying/gossip etc, etc, are all spiritual diseases.

It stands to reason that if you have a physically based disease then you would seek a physically based cure, a metaphysically based disease requires a metaphysically based cure and a spiritually based disease requires a spiritual cure.

And that is the reality of all disease – they all require the finding of the source and application of cures from that plane! If only man would awaken to this simple truth and start applying it!

There is the treatment of diseases and the prevention of diseases. The prevention of disease is covered by the word hygiene. Don’t go drinking, or swimming in, sewer laden water because you are liable to catch a physical disease! The same goes for metaphysical and spiritual diseases. Hygiene is simply the avoidance of strong sources of diseases.

Today’s main source of disease is spiritual uncleanliness. Man prepares for war like a nation of demented giants and prepares for peace like a tribe of retarded midgets! Man left to his own devices is inclined towards evil. Unfortunately in this new age the churches are no longer the source of spiritual wisdom that they were. They have “fallen to earth” by introducing physical ideologies that lead to spiritual diseases like homosexuality (there is not a single messenger from God who endorses homosexuality).

The reason for the churches loss of power is that we live in a New Age (the likes of which mankind has never seen before) in which the main directive is “independent investigation of the truth” If your truth is in an existing religion then you will be guided to it (and once in it, you’ll find that you disagree with many of their “directives”.) Ideologies are not the answer any more, ideologies are simply metaphysical answers, as are philosophies.The answers we need to LIVE (not just survive) in this new age are predominantly spiritual, 

In this age there are only four sources of truth we can turn to. Independent investigation demands that we investigate all four and balance them out to find the truth for ourselves. The four methods of investigation are 

1) the senses (5 senses for the physical world only, intuition for beyond the physical)

2) reason (metaphysical world) 

3) tradition (books, history, video, internet etc) 

4) The Holy Spirit (all worlds)

The ideal way of investigating is to use all four and compare them to see what is true and what is not.We cannot have truth and untruth in the same vehicle (just like oil and water wont mix.) So you may see something in a book and test that with other books,  reason, tradition and ask for the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Almost invariably the holy spirit will provide you with a whole picture.(the world whole is referred to as Holy in all revealed writing.) Know that the Name of the Holy Spirit is “I Am” To ask for guidance from the Holy spirit you literally have to speak it out of your mouth. I use the laws of providence to ensure an answer (the laws of providence state, “Everything you NEED shall be given to you (either free, or amazingly cheap) Knowledge is a necessity, not a luxury (if knowledge was a thing that money could buy, the the rich would live and the poor would die!)

So back to the three sources. Test this out. Ask(aloud) the universe (another new age description for the Holy Spirit) for evidence. Ask for confirmations of this statement. The universe will give you as many confirmations as you need to understand the truth! This I have found to be true. God is our father and treats us as we treat our children – when your little one is learning to walk do you smash them up with a concrete block the first time they fall over? Of course not! You gently pick up your child, wipe away the tears and encourage him to take another step! So it is with the LOVE of God/ the universe. Our love of our children is minute in comparison to the love of God for us. Make a mistake and we are picked up and put back on our feet to try again – not sent to burn in hell as many “religions” teach! Lol! 

If you have any questions you want to discuss, then my email is…

love, peace and prosperity




Got high blood pressure? Then do this one thing!

I have had high blood pressure for ten years. Over that time I have been told that my blood pressure was dangerously high over and over again. About the only sensible advise I got was from a specialist who said “As long as the lower figure is less than 110 you are safe”. The higher figure (the one the doctors concentrate on) is not nearly as important as the lower figure.

For the last ten years I have also been collapsing in public places, just blacking out. This happened again two days ago and they hauled me off to hospital once more. But this time one of the specialists said, “test his blood pressure with him standing up”. And what a difference that made. My blood pressure laying down was 92 (for the bottom figure) and standing up it immediately dropped to 65! That is a 30% different between the two positions.(which means to say my blood pressure increases 50% when it sit or lay down.) 

And the doctors had been treating my problem on the vastly increased blood pressure reading of siiting/laying! So i was told to stop taking my blood pressure tablets for the meantime. What all this means is the collapses (which I had thought were my fault) were mainly due to over-medication!_

So I recommend that if you haven’t been tested for blood pressure standing up, please insist on it when you visit you doctor the next time – you may be in the same situation as me.

Take the two at the same sitting – the first sitting down (and record the numbers yourself) and then standing up. If there is a considerable drop in pressure then you need to reduce your medicine intake!


dazed , confused and depressed

At the moment (right now, today), i am mentally ill. i have suffered from depression since my 18th year (i am now 62) and have “cured” that 7 years ago, as I found it was a hormone imbalance that was creating them and the medicine only came out at that date. 

Although the cure is great it is not infallible, and sometimes nothing, but nothing, can stop it.

Today I am fuzzy and my head feels like it is in a bucket of cotton wool as I am having trouble hearing what people are saying. I can hear them speaking, but i can’t actually hear what they are saying, i don’t understand the meanings of the words. Many years ago I did an experiment as an artist and blindfolded myself for 4 hours to test what happens in a state of sensory deprivation. I though i’d be able to see colours better and all sorts of things, but when I removed the blindfold I couldn’t connect things together. If I lloked at my stereo and then the speakers I could understand that the two were somehow connected.  Looking at a photo of my family I could recognise each of the people in the picture but I couldn’t group them together as a family. each one was an individual in a picture. That is what the depression feels like today.n’t know how cohesive this article will be because i cannot read it as an article, only as a series of sentences on the same page but not connected to each other.

Depression is an invisible disease, when you are not in one it appears as if you are as healthy as the next man. But when you are in one everything falls to pieces. You can’t think straight, the lights dim down, even in full sunlight, it is hard to string thoughts together.

Today I feel as if I am an idiot savant. When I am not ill, I am quite brilliant. When I am ill, I feel sub-human and totally removed from the human race. Today I feel ill. 

Hopefully this will be gone tomorrow and i will be back to normal.

Reading through what I’ve written I notice I haven’t put in a single exclamation mark. I usually write with lot’s of them because writing usually excites me, but not today.

If you know someone who suffers from depression and you can play an instrument or sing then go around to their house and play. It may not seem to be appreciated but inside it is doing wonders some music for them. Music is tremendously uplifting and doubly so when it comes from the heart of a real live person standing there in front of you. 

Spike Milligan suffered terribly from depression and on bad jelly the witch there is a song he sings about a baboon trying to run fast enough to leave the earths gravity. In that song he is in a depression. He sings like I am writing today, flat, toneless. If you listen to that song first and listen to any other song on the album you will hear the different in the tone of the voice! (an exclamation mark!)

Winston Churchill suffered from the “black dog” too. And he was the prime minister of England at it’s darkest hour! and though he would be incapacitated for 4 or five days it was never long enough to endanger Britain. And when he “came back” he worked like a banshee! I think there is a message in there somewhere.

kindest regards 










This is an older picture, one I took at a gypsy fair in New Zealand. A few years later I weas ready to make it into a card and this is the result. Whern I was 21 I was a hippy and lived on the commune of a famous NZ Poet called James K Baxter (although he prefered to be called “Hemi” (which is Maori for James)


This one is off an old Victorian joke photo,


and this one is a very new Zealand play on words. NZers commonly refer to other as Yous, pronounced exactly the same as ewes! Example, “what are ewes up to?” 


 Lol! Ewes can use these cards to various occasions with my blessings,



The VIRTUOUS CYCLE Part three (continued)

Yesterday we reached a point where we concluded with the Spiritual Pareto Principle of dealing with the returns for the token investments in the law of sowing and reaping.


Today we are going to look at the workings of this system.

Firstly we have to get into the habit of paying ourselves first with EVERY income of money, goods and services. This is called wholistic accounting and means if we receive a gift of services we transfer 20% of that to cash to make the two tithes. If we receive a gift of goods we transfer 20% of that to cash to pay the two tithes. Of course no transfer is needed with gift money inflow.

And of course you can gift the other two forms of energy in their original forms, so you can gift your time and goods forward too. So if you received a gift of 100 jellybeans you could gift 2 x 10%’s of those to  family and others, and still have 80 jelly beans to eat! Of course in the long run it is easier to convert everything to cash as cash is the universe medium of exchange (and that is why banks want a cashless society, so that they have complete control of this amazing freedom creating asset!)

When I first started gifting, many years ago, I started with $1.50 per payday. $1 was towards me (in the form of permanent savings) and 50 cents towards other people as giftings. Within a month the amount had increased to $4, split into $3 for me and $1 for others. Within 2 months it had increased to $12, split $9 and $3 respectively. I had no increase in income and only a change of habits and the returns from the higher laws to account for that increase.


If you are new to the law of sowing and reaping, then by all means test it out. It is a solid concrete thing that easily stands up to any testing you can throw at it!

One way to test it is to get $2 worth of the smallest coins of your country and gift those out to people using the offer/acceptance method. Say. “will you accept this gift from me?” They then have to say “yes” (or thank you or some other form of acknowledgement of the gift) to receive it. Sometimes they will ask, “What’s it for?” In that case simply tell them. “It’s to make you happy!” If they refuse to accept the gift by saying yes then simply put the coin back in your pocket and walk away! It’s not your job to force people to accept the gift or be happy! that is why you ask them to accept it – happiness is of our own free will! Lol!

The reason I recommend small amounts is because the amount of money per gift is irrelevant, but the number of gifts is of the greatest importance. If you were to save up $2 per week for a year and gift $100 the returns are guaranteed, BUT NOT THE TIME OF THE RETURNS. Your returns could come tomorrow or take 40 years to return (assuming you are young). If you are older they could come a week before you die. If this happens to you you will not be able to actually SEE the returns. And say you do those same actions for a second year and again gift $100. You maybe unfortunate in that it is going to take 30 years to return (or return a month before you death). Without being able to literally see the returns, there will be no third gift. You have to set yourself up for success under the universal laws!

But taking $2 worth of 10 cent coins (in New Zealand the smallest coin is 10 cents) and gifting those guarantees that some will return tomorrow, some next week,  some next month, some next year and some in 10, 20 and 30 years. The tail end returns don’t matter. What matters is the more immediate returns because you’ll be looking out for these. And if you ask for a demonstration the returns will be pointed out to you! I know it was shouted in my ear to, “accept the gift!!” when I was unknowingly resisting! Lol!

So once you have tested the law of sowing and reaping and KNOW that it works, then you can consciously  start using it, with the Pareto principle, for the returns – 10% to self gifting, 10% gifting to others and 80% for lifestyle increase? By this method we are able to pull ourselves up from the very bottom of society (poverty) to the very top (wealthy). 


Now notice that at the bottom of the circular reference there is a box called “acceptance”. One of the steps to wealth is to change that to “Guaranteed acceptance” This is a fairly simple process in theory but pretty hard to implement by ourselves alone. It actually requires the construction of a cooperative synergy to create guaranteed acceptance in your life. Fortunately this is taken care of in the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network. Do if you are a member, well done! If you aren’t a member i’d investigate the network because, whilst what I’ve described so far will advance you so far, I cannot easily explain the whole concept of guaranteed acceptance outside of the network. I literally don’t know of any outside the network to which I can point you for an example. My apologies for that. Some things are so new no other examples exist.

So i’ll recap the first (open) steps towards spiritual wealth. First start gifting a small amount and watch for it’s return.


The next step is to take those returns and use the spiritual Pareto Principle of 10/10/80%s allocations to gifting to self, gifting to others and allocation of money to increase your lifestyle (and I recommend using 10% to build up a positive savings of $1,025+. I’ll explain this in another seminar on the spiritual working of money. Of course all the things I’m talking about and revealing here are taken care of automatically in the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network!

Notice how the above returns are greater than the gift. Repeat the process a second time gifting to self first, and then to others, using the full 10% tithes.



That is step two, let’s now look at step three…


Notice in this diagram how the last transaction is shifted to the back, like in a filing cabinet. This is to show the COMPOUNDING EFFECT of the law of sowing and reaping. It is continuity of gifting that builds up the compounding effect of the laws of sowing and reaping. That is why continuity is far more important than monetary amounts, in spiritual law. It is also why anyone can rise from the bottom to the top under spiritual law – spiritual law has no regards for the “laws” of men.

Now let’s look at step four…


Notice how the amounts of the tithes are getting bigger and bigger with no extra effort on your part. Nor is the any loss on your part because each tithe of 10% leaves to with 8 times more to invest into you lifestyle! (10%, 10%, 80%, remember?)

Know their is NO LOSS under spiritual law. Sometimes we are tested and it may appear like a loss, but as soon as we pass the test it is all returned to us multiplied, so we end up even wealthier, more knowledgeable and more Empowered!

I think that is all I can tell you without you actually joining the WPPN network and letting you test out the methodology for yourself. You can test this knowledge out all by yourself and it will work for you. But to move up to an empowered level you will have to join the network because many hands make light work, and an existing, proven path is easier to follow than one you have to hack through virgin jungle (as I had to!)!

Know that their are many pitfalls for the new to spiritual life, because spiritual laws have their own inevitable workings that don’t work with men’s “laws” (rules and regulations). But when it comes to choosing between the laws of men and the laws of the universe/God always choose the latter to work with. Because they are reliable and deliver what they promise. You have to test out the promise of those laws and then commit to them 100% whole-heartedly! There is no chicken hearted commitment of lip service in the spiritual world – either you are In 100% or you are out! But in the early days their is always a testing allowed, for how can anyone commit 100% with knowing how it works? And how can anyone know that it works without testing it! This is why we are told, “You will Know the truth (after testing it) and the truth will set you free (from the limitations of the physical and metaphysical worlds)”

I hope that this seminar has been of use to you.

As always, my door is open at

Love, peace and prosperity




I can, I will, I Am!!

A few years ago I was in Malaysia as the guest of a very nice teacher in a private school. She was showing me what her students did and mentioned the motivation phrase I can, I will, which was said by the students at school. It instantly came to mind that the saying was incomplete and needed to be said – I can, I will, I Am! She agreed and started using the phrase immediately.

So what was missing?

* I can is on the physical level

* I will is on the metaphysical level

* so the only thing missing was on the spiritual level, which is I Am!

Looking back I realise that I have always been wholistically based, all my life. That is why i was dissatisfied with school as a child. That is why i never went to university. That is why I was searching for “something” until I was 28 when I found the spiritual source. That is why I continued to still search for answers because none of the world’s religions are working on a wholistic basis.

That is why I searched for wealth (not riches) and was given the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network. Perhaps I was given it because i was the only one that asked to be shown the very latest in wholism. Perhaps that is what God had been grooming me for all my life. I just don’t know the answer to that one, yet. But as soon as I was gifted the Network I stopped looking for the answer I was seeking, and started to develop it! That I can see very strongly!

Wholism is a very strong part of me. I cannot live my life in bits and pieces.

This has lead me down some very interesting paths and now it is my whole life (or the rest of it here on earth). The Wholistic Peace and Prosperity Network is actually a Wholistic Synergy Network that is going to change the world. It is like a spiritual Magna Carter for this new age. It is a replacement for communism and capitalism, both of which can be read as the same title – partial-ism – to be replaced with Wholism. 

How can we hobble along in this new age in an ancient car, adding new wing mirrors and seat covers, when what we really need is a new motor?! We can’t for much longer! The time is right for a new system to take over, one that is ethical, righteous, just and, most importantly, WHOLLY based!

So I offer the world the Wholistic Peace and Prosperity (wholistic synergy) Network.

The choice is the world’s to accept or reject. The choice is YOURS to accept or reject. Don’t reject it without at least looking at it as that is part of our duty in this new age – to independently investigate the truth!

i can be reached at:



A New Zealand (Aorearoa) greetings card for you to use




This is a card I made at the beginning of the year. The original Picture is about 150 years old (really old for New Zealand, we are such a young country). You can use this by downloading it to your computer and sending it to friends with a message. Whilst the enhancement copyrights belongs to me you are free to use this card for any non commercial purposes (don’t on-sell  it!). You can even put it on free to others clipart sights with my permission (please let me know you are doing that – just a courtesy). ENJOY


The VIRTUOUS CYCLE Part two (continued)

Yesterday we looked at what a vicious cycle is and then at the what we want in our lives – the Virtuous cycle. We got as far as showing that the virtuous cycle is based on gifting, with gifting being defined as offer and acceptance on both parties behaves. This them makes the gift into a win/win situation by invoking the law of sowing and reaping.

Today we are going to look at the ORDER of gifting. Know there are definite rules to gifting and order is a fundamental rule – like driving on the left hand or the right hand of the road. Whilst this may vary from country to country as long as we drive on the side of the road that the countries laws specify, we will be safe. The same goes with higher laws.

As I said, one of the fundamental rules of gifting is WHO do I gift too and in what order

The person you must gift to firstly is always yourself. Why is this? Because we are made in the image of God and God must be recognized first! Then we gift to others. This is supported by the 11th commandment – “Love thou One another as I love Thee” 

Love of course always comes first – we must manifest love towards One. Who is one? One is yourself in old English, “how is One today?” literally means “How are You today?”

The next to gift is to  another, which literally means other people in old English. So the order is literally goes, “Love yourself and others…” That is the order of gifting (love is always the ultimate form of gift). 

The next part of the commandment tells us how to love – “as I Love thee” How does God love us? Why Wholly and Unconditionally of course. So we have to gift wholly and unconditionally! Which means we expect no return from the receiver of the gift and we hand the gift over to them by releasing it! It we don’t release the gif,t we are actually asking them to look after it for us, a burden for them (which returns to us multiplied). Once we release it, it goes into God’s hands for return to us multiplied under the (automatic) law of sowing and reaping (“as you sow, so shall you reap multiplied!”)

So the whole commandment means (in modern English) “Love yourself, and others, wholly and unconditionally” If we follow that consistently, we lay the foundations for our eventual prosperity. 

Know that prosperity is about energy, not goods, services and money, although they do return in that form of energy too. It is about the universal flow of energy into and out of us. If the inflow is blocked we are in poverty of lack. If the outflow is blocked we are in poverty of excess, If both are blocked we are in extreme poverty of addictive lack.

If we are open to unconditional outflow we are of the Poor. If we are open to unconditional inflow and outflow we are of the abundant. I know that will sound strange to some of you because it goes against the “riches”  teachings of mankind. But that is the way the universe works and we cannot change it’s working anymore than we can change the side of the road we are asked to drive on in our country. Anyone who drives on the wrong side of the road is headed for immanant death. Which is why the Bible quotes “For the wages of sin is death”  [Romans 6:23] The word disciple means “follower of the method” whilst the word sinner means “one who is not a follower of the method”. So it is saying the same think I am saying – driving on the wrong side of the road results in spiritual death (non-workings). Can you see the sense in that? I hope so. 

So gifting to yourself is shown in the first box of the diagram below…


The gifting has to be COMMITTED to the self (the soul, not the ego). So we have to be COMMITTED to ourselves. This will be tested of us, not by amount of money, goods or services committed to ourselves but by the TIME (in the form of continuity) committed to ourselves. Until we are permanently committed to ourselves we cannot progress onto abundance. So to become Poor is actually a test of us. For the majority of us in this age it is only a temporary test. For some it is a permanent test for the whole of their lives – which is why the first inheritance (responsibility) of the wealthy is always the (permanently)Poor. Our second inheritance is the rest of the Poor (basically ourselves then others) because once you are Poor you have to be permanently Poor. The abundant/wealthy man is still a Poor man! To be Poor is the foundations of Abundance. To build a skyscraper and then remove it’s foundations is just too silly for words! The abundant man remains a poor man for life otherwise he reverts to the poverty of riches.

So the three factors are…


* to Self first and then Others

* Continuity (all the time, continuously) 

These three factors set us up correctly under the higher laws and we move from the laws of providence into the laws of providence AND abundance! We never stop using the laws of providence, ever, ever, ever. 

The laws of providence state, “Whatever you need shall be given to you free (or very cheap, within you price range) and without obligation.” The poor always work under the laws of providence. I was taught this as an atheist by a wonderful Muslim man in Singapore who truly was of the poor; he looked me in the eye and stated with 100% conviction “God always provides!” And though my ego didn’t accept that, it shook me to my spiritual core!(yes atheists do have spiritual cores! So don’t spit on them! Lol!)

The laws of abundance state “Whatever you want you can have, but there is a price!” And the price is that we have to fulfill our personal beingnesses. The Poor fulfill their general beingnesses. Our general beingness is to help create a general divine civilisation using the talents common to all of us. 

The abundant/wealthy have to fulfill their specific beingness, to help create a divine civilisation. By specific beingness I mean the special blend of talents, skills and abilities that was gifted to us at the point of conception and in our life here on earth to date. So the purpose of being Poor (for most people) is to learn our general beingness and apply that to the world to help create a divine civilisation. (what about the permanently Poor? That is their job on earth – to provide a permanent source, to the temporary poor and the abundant, of people to look after (gift to others). Does that make sense to you? If it doesn’t, don’t stress about it, simply ask for enlightenment and It will be given to you (under the laws of providence – knowledge is a necessity [a need], not a luxury!)  

So by doing these three things right, we get the laws of sowing and reaping working fully and building their returns to us. It is the increasing returns that moves us to abundance. One of the signs that you are becoming abundant is that you will be given a task (mission) to achieve during the rest/remainder of life life here on earth. I was given a thirty year task 5 years ago. And that has made me so happy! Lol! Spiritual happiness has nothing to do with your external circumstances at all, only your internal circumstances, which then colour your external circumstances, regardless of what they are! (do not tell anyone this secret of life – “or else i have to kill you!” Lol!)!

The initial gifting can be off two types – a tithe or a token. A tither is literally one tenth (of gross income) As we live in a period of high taxation, a ten of our gross income (income before tax) has now become 16.5% of our nett income.And as there are TWO types of tithing (one to self and the other to others) that equates to 2 x 16.5% = 33% of our nett incomes! Which is a lot of money as a percentage of our incomes. So in this age we have to either start of from the day we start work, or we have to build it up by “invoking the token” What this means is we start with what we can afford and when we get the returns from the laws of sowing and reaping we then gift the two full 10% of gross (the returns are almost invariably tax free for the poor, or grossly abundant (way beyond our needs) for the wealthy. So we can easily afford to tithe 2 x 10%s from the returns of the laws.

So we start with a token and invoke the full amount from the returns. And we have to do that consistently – all the time – otherwise the returns taper off and we never reach abundance!

I hope I have explained that clearly enough for you. Some of you will have an instant recognition (“the penny will drop”), some will take some time and a few will think, “what a load of rubbish!” and will never read me again! lol! That is not my problem. My problem is trying to write this down plainly and in plain/simple/easy language, so that the vast majority can learn from it. So my language has to Be precise and as simple as possible – not a naturally easy task. 

So we have set the initial foundations up and got the gifting part right, so now we have to turn our attention to the returns.

With the returns from the token giftings, we have to start using the spiritual Pareto Principle. Which works differently on the spiritual plane, than from on the physical and metaphysical planes. On the physical plane the Pareto Principle states 20% of want we do creates 80% of our wealth (and variations of this).

The Pareto principle is also known as the 20-80 rule, and that is how it is used on the spiritual palne. We split our returns up into two 10% giftings (= 20%) and an 80% portion. So if we “receive” $100 we would split it up into three parts. The first 10% ($10) we Gift to ourselves. The second 10% ($10) we gift to others and the third, 80% portion ($80), we use to increase our livestyles (in whatever form you decree that to Be! Read  a book called “Mover of men and mountains” about a man who reversed the Pareto figures and kept 20% to increase his lifestyle and 80% for gifting! And he was still a multi-millionaire back in the 1950’s! That is only possible under the laws of abundance using the Pereto Portions! From now on I will refer to the Pareto Portions (or proportions), for it’s use on the spiritual plane.


So every time we receive a return from the laws of sowing and reaping, we have to fulfill our Pereto Proportions. So how do we do this? We have to use wholistic accounting (copyright j’iam 2001). Wholistic accounting accounts for all three types of physical energy – Money, goods and services. If we work only in money, we are only working with one third of the energy being returned to us on the physical plane. The law says we must work wholistically. The principle is very easy to implement. 

When we gift it may be in the form of money, goods and services on the physical plane. The returns will always be multiplied! And the returns may also be transformed. So you may gift money, but receive it back multiplied in the form of goods. A lot of people don’t consider this factor and overlook many of their returns, thus working them only partially! Partial working is not wholistic working and so the laws working in our life reduces, diminishing off quicker and quicker to nothing until we start working wholistically again!

If I gifted $3 and received back a portion of meat in return, what do I do with it? I convert it to the cash equivelent – “how much would this cost me to buy from the butchers/” The answer is $8. So i go to my meat budget and remove $8 from it and gift 2 x 80 cents and use $6.40 to increase my lifestyle! That is how wholistic accounting works – simple as that. The same goes for services. If we call a plumber and allocate $30 to his services and he then gifts that to us we take the $30 and gift, gift, allocate – 10%, 10% 80%.  Once we are doing this with all gifts – money, goods and services we are firmly set in the foundations of wholistic accounting.

That is how we combine our returns with Pareto Proportioning, to amplify the results of both! Because we are now gifting a full tithe (tenth) we will receive a bigger amount back multiplied again because we are now obeying the full law! The token receives much back, the full amount (10%) receives much, much more back! 

Over time we start portioning a higher and higher token until it becomes the first full 10% (to ourselves) and then we start on the second full 10% (to others) Always it is necessary to pay ourselves first because the laws always work, “as within, so without” We are the within, the others are the without. 

Do things in the correct ways and order to make the laws work!

Work the laws and the laws work for you! 

I think that is enough for today. Reread what i’ve written if you don’t understand it fully. Don’t try to force it, if you don’t fully understand it, but ask for enligthenment under the laws of providence (you need to understand of this knowledge)and simply put it to the back of your mind. Don’t struggle thinking about it, but just let it go out into the universe and the universe will return to you with the knowledge you need, in the form you need it in, to understand it completely! (Aha, the penny drops! LOL!)

Please forgive me if I’ve missed anything out to date. I’ll return with part 3 tomorrow,

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The VIRTUOUS CYCLE part ONE (of 3)

This is a revealing of how to set up the Virtuous cycle for yourself. It is a detailed explanation, so it is going to take some time, hence the three parts (or maybe 4).

In Life there are always two choices. With the Virtuous cycle we have an opposite cycle too,  which is called the vicious cycle. We will look at this first because we have to know both sides of the story to actually Know the truth (“You will Know the truth and the truth will set you free!”  By knowing the negative side of things we can recognise those traits in ourselves (past or present) and (especially useful) in others. Why is this useful? Because we don’t have to experience the pain of the negative cycle to learn from it ourselves. We can simply see it manifest in other’s lives and avoid the actions (source) that caused the reactions! This is a far less painful way of learning.

As I said there are always (at least) two ways of doing things. One is to experience negative things ourselves – very painful! The second is to experience negative things through other people (far more detached.) The third way is to follow a master’s example and avoid the pain altogether! Much easier!

The vicious cycle starts with no, or bad. goals. Most people have with no goals. And spiritual law dictated that “man, left to his own devices, is inclined towards evil”  If you have no goals, then your life is more likely to drift into negative circumstances than positive circumstances. That is just the way of life. Like a boat upon the lake is more likely to drift into rocks than to the dock!

As you can see from the below diagram, no goals tends to create negative actions in life, which in turn plant bad seeds (bad goals definitely plant bad seeds!) Either way, bad seeds reap bad results! Bad results – Is that what we want in our lives? Methinks not! Lol!


So we don’t want the vicious/negative cycle in our lives, but many people suffer from this cycle, not because they are actually bad, but because they have no goals! Man left to his own (no) devices is inclined towards evil (negative results) So how do we avoid negative results in our own lives? The only positive (spiritual) way is to set up a system called the virtuous cycle.

In the virtuous cycle we become farmers of our own lives! In this cycle “Man, in the virtuous cycle, is destined towards peace and prosperity!” Notice the two elements – peace and prosperity(wealth). The two are inseparable in the spiritual realm, for we cannot ever be wholly peaceful without wealth (prosperity equals a continuous flow of energy) or peace (a detached state of bliss). The two must be balanced in all our lives. Spirituality is not about denial of the positives. Spirituality is about denial of the negatives and acceptance of the positives! There is a good definition of spirituality …


And the negative cycle is called the vicious cycle, whilst the positive cycle is called the Virtuous Cycle.  I don’t think I have to explain the vicious cycle any more with examples etc. It is important that we get onto the virtuous cycle because implementing the virtuous cycle deleted the vicious cycle entirely!

The Virtuous Cycle

The Virtuous cycle is the exact opposite of the vicious cycle, in that we deliberately plant good seeds by taking good actions, derived from setting good goals! Setting good goals by themselves is not the complete answer, but it is the beginning of the answer. Would you set out to sea with a captain who has no destination in mind? I certainly wouldn’t, but that is the way i worked when i was younger and inexperienced! After a few very hairy journeys and shipwrecks I decided to only get aboard with captains who offered me a definite destination! Lol! That is when i learned about the virtuous cycle.

As I said, you have to have the right goals*. But goals without actions are like standing on the dock without ever getting aboard a ship!

If we have good goals and then action those goals, then we are going to have good results come back to us! Simple as that! Good Goals and Good Actions plant good seeds in the spiritual world, which will return to you as a good crop (results/returns). Nothing complicated here, is there? The basic layout is simple. It’s the application that is difficult to know, as they go against the ways of man. It is the application of the virtuous I am introducing here today.


So I have shown you the two cycles thus far. It is important to know that there are two cycles, so we can deliberately choose one or the other (only an idiot would deliberately choose the vicious cycle, but there are idiots in the world and i have met a couple of them over the past 40 years of adulthood!

Know that in the spiritual cycle, all energy works on the principle of Gifting. If it is not based on gifting, it belongs to either the metaphysical or physical cycles. In the two lower realms gifting is replaced by trading/exchange.

For a gift to be made it has to Be offered and accepted. If an offer isn’t made and accepted then the object is simply given away. Why is this difference important? Because giving away is a win/lose situation, whilst Gifting is a Win/Win situation! How does this work. If I say “Here. have this!” and give it to you you have gained the object and I have lost it – win/lose. If I offer you the object and you accept it then you have won and I have won too. How does that work. By me offering it and you accepting, we set in motion the law of “Sowing and reaping” – “as you sow, so shall you reap MULTIPLIED, 30, 50, 100 fold“. So you have received the benefit of the gift, but i will receive that gift back multiplied! And that is guaranteed by the higher laws! So, how can I ever lose by gifting? I can’t! And that is why it is called the virtuous cycle. Virtue in the spiritual sense means morally pure (good).

Gifting, looked at in another way, is a form of spiritual investment! Are we not told, “if you want to be wealthy, then invest!” by bankers and capital managers? The same goes on the spiritual level too, except the investment is different (offer and acceptance)  and the returns are much higher! Lol!

So Giftings, in the form of an offer and an acceptance, equals returns to you from the higher laws of sowing and reaping (also called the law of Karma – sowing and reaping is western terminology, Karma is eastern).


Gifting is the foundation of the laws of sowing and reaping. We can gift Cash, Goods, Services and LOVE. And we can get all of these gifts back in the same manner or transformed! So we can gift cash and get it back as goods multiplied. or we can gift goods and get it back as service multiplied. Or we can gift Love and get is back as any and all of the returns multiplied (Love is the strongest form of energy!)!

I think that is enough for today. Tomorrow we will look at HOW to implement the virtuous cycle – who to pay and how etc.

At the end of this mini course I will offer the whole thing as a booklet in the PDF format (free, as a gift from me to you! Lol!)

kindest regards,


Another Christmas card for you.

I found this one last week and thought it matched the one I put up in the last post, even though today’s original is Russian and the other one is German. This one was easier to restore as it was less faded, spotty and torn. Once again I gift it to you to use in any non-commercial way, just don’t remove the copyright please, as I have invested time, effort and skill into this picture. If you want an original card they are available on the internet. I am also setting up a business that will be selling a large format variety plus hardcopy prints in the future. 

These two pictures go well together i feel. Enjoy! J’iam