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Scam me – I’m honest!

Why do scammers go for honest people who can be tempted? Because honest people make lousy crooks!

The average scam basically says. “I’m going to steal a massive amount of money from a bank and I want to use your bank account in exchange for a portion of the money!” Forget about all the sob stories that accompany the letter, that is the basic premise! So, do you want to “Bend your morality” by becoming involved? Of course not! That is called aiding and abetting! And it makes YOU a thief!

Thieves are excellent liars and whilst they pretend to be robbing the bank the actual victim is you! You are much easier to steal from than a bank! Lol! Because you are honest and therefore “gullible” – an easy target!

You have to ask yourself, where do these mythical people get $8 million dollars from to place in an African Bank (about as safe as hiding your money in a dragon’s cave) and then just leave it there, un-invested for years and then die without telling anyone about it? Come on – that’s not going to happen unless the person is a real criminal hiding drug money! And never, never ever get involved with drugs (the death penalty is going to be re-introduced in the not too distant future!)

So all round the original letter doesn’t make logical sense at all. Unless your morals are already bent and open to manipulation. I got a letter from a lady years ago from a town about 100 miles away asking me for advice about joining a scam.

 Of course I wrote back to her telling her NOT to join it, that it was illegal, that she was actually just getting ripped off and then being given permission to rip other people off. I also sent her a book (as a gift) I had written against scams. I heard nothing back for 4 months when I got another letter from the same lady complaining that she had gone into the pyramid scheme, had on sold it and the scheme had been declared illegal and now she had to pay her victims back – and that she had spent the money!

Well, what was I supposed to do? Give her the money to pay her victims back? I think not. I had sat at the top of the cliff yelling at her to stay away from the edge, but she had leapt anyway because her morality was easily bent. Now she was complaining from the bottom of the cliff that she hurt?

Every day I get from one to six scam emails. Why, because some thief has put me on a list as a good possible target and is selling that list to others! So one thief is ripping off other thieves by selling them no good targets! Lol! I just take a look at the headings now and put them on the phishing list!

Our morality has to BE strong! How do we achieve this? By BEing 100% (wholly) unconditionally committed to ourselves! This is the secret of a safe and happy life. This is the secret to happiness, to wealth, to security, to many other things as well. Everything starts with our commitment to ourselves! Why is this? Because WE are made in the image of God. That means we have to behave how God behaves! And who does God Love first? Why, God of course!

This has been known since the beginning of time to the spiritual. But it is not known to those on the physical and metaphysical planes. The love of God for God is not an ego type of Love. It is a higher, the highest, form of pure Love! Always, to be successful, we have to start at the top and work down!

Only by Loving ourselves wholly and unconditionally can we escape from the physical realm of “lust”. It amazes me when I hear the top models of the world picking fault with themselves and saying, “I’ve got a fat bottom!” You are the height of physical perfection and still you imagine that you are imperfect. Well you are imperfect, not physically, but spiritually! And you can never fix a spiritual problem with a physical solution! Ever!

In reality, when we find imperfections with ourselves we are just scamming ourselves by telling internal lies. Every one of us is born different with different qualities, abilities and talents. How can we ever conform to others with these three different foundations? Conformity is a physical liability. Independence is a spiritual asset. Independence is gained by loving ourselves wholly and unconditionally.

Only when we love ourselves wholly and unconditionally can we love others the same way too! Only by loving wholly and unconditionally can we move away from having to like people before loving them! Only by loving wholly and unconditionally can we forgive ourselves wholly and unconditionally too (“to forgive is human, to forget is divine”). Only by being able to forgive ourselves this way can we forgive others this way too. By doing this we are granted powers of command! The ability to command circumstances to go one way or the other.

Did you know that when you forgive others divinely you can hand them onto either grace or justice? Not many people know this. Our friends who hurt us do so because they exist! Enemies hurt us because the want to hurt us! Their intent is malicious. Maliciousness should never be handed to Grace. Maliciousness should always be handed onto Justice!

 By handing malicious people onto Justice we open up the floodgates of their own negative karma to them. Not just the negative they applied to you but all the negative things they have done! It is only by unforgiveness that malicious people can escape their own karma. By not forgiving we are actually taking God’s place in the scheme of things and end up blocking the karmic return to the evil person.

By forgiving them we move out of the justice column and back into the Love column (where we belong!) and thus unblock the karmic returns! BOOOM! They reap what they have sown! And yet we just feel sorry for them because we had nothing to do with the seeds they planted – and cropped!

So you see any thoughts of morality being weak are falsehoods. The Morality of Love is enormous – as big as the universe, for Love is the binding element of the very atoms!

So next time you see a scam in your email make sure to mark it as a phishing letter (this is just another description for a scam).

kindest regards,

 May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

 reverend master j’iam



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A conversation _ I’ll NEVER forgive you!!!

Yesterday my son and I were playing around (he’s 40 by the way) and I tapped him on the shoulder and said in a loud voice, “You have wronged me and i’ll NEVER, ever forgive you!!” To which he brilliantly replied, “Thank God God for that!” which set us both to laughing,  me so hard i nearly split mt sides!

Why was that so funny? Because he understands the power of forgiveness. If we don’t forgive people we actually block their return of karma for the event we are holding onto! So the thing we want most is prevented by us not forgiving! If only people could know this there would be a lot more justice in the world and a lot more karmic harm to the perpetuators of negative deeds.

Not only do we stop them receiving their own negative returns but we also make ourselves spiritually homeless because our place in the universe is in the love column and we can’t be in two places at once. When we won’t forgive we move from the love column to the Justice column but we cannot administer Justice, only God can do that. So instead of administering Justice we just end up blocking it! And the perpetuator walks away free as long as we don’t forgive them!

So we end up homeless in the wrong column (Justice) and protect the perpeuator of the misdeed against us! Is that Justice to either party? No, of course it isn’t. So how do we rectify this problem? By simply forgiving and forgetting. By forgiving we move ourselves back to the love column (to forgive is human) and by forgetting all about it we fulfill ourselves spiritually (to forget is divine).Not that we don’t learm from the mistakes we made in letting the event happen to us – but we abstarct it from the person and just remember it as a generalized lesson. That is the meaning of forgetting.

Peace then reigns and our hearts are happy! And at the same time we unblock the Justice column so the karmic returns can instantly return to the perpetuator – classic “Instant Karma” (as sung about by John Lennon!)

There is a slight catch however. Many people forgive and hand people onto grace. Grace means total forgiveness of the wrong so no returns apply to it. To get instant Karma we have to forgive them and hand them onto Justice. If a friend hurts us we hand them onto grace so there is no Karmic returns. Do you see that as the victim we have complete control over the returns to the perpetuators? That is the way the Spiritual world is set up.

So If I had said to my son, “You did me a wrong and I’m going to forgive you and hand you onto to justice!” his reply would have been, “Arrgh! You Bastard!!!!” and we both would have laughed again!

kindest regards,

May Love, Detachment, Health, Happiness, Peace, Success and Prosperity BE yours,

reverend master j’iam


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Get up and Fight!

That is what we are exhorted to do on the physical plane. But is that always the best thing to do? No, it’s not. Often when are asked to fight we are fighting against bullies who use their favourite weapons and who are experts with them. So if you go into a fight as a novice using a longsword against an expert with a longsword, what do you think are your chances of even surviving the first round? Very, very small indeed. When we are young we foolhardishly rush into battle. But if we survive to get older we reach a point where we think “there has to be a better way than what I’m doing now!” And the moment we have that thought the universe reveals to us better ways. We soon learn to “never give a sucker an even break!”

So if we are fighting a boxer we use a knife.

If we are fighting a knife wielder we use a gun.

If we are fighting a gunner we use a long range rifle. 

If we are fighting a rifle shooter we use a tank. 

If we are fighting a tank we use a missile. 

If we are fighting a missile we use an atom bomb. 

If we are fighting an atom bomb we throw a handful of disease spores into their face!

You see, you never “Fight fair” against people who don’t fight fair themselves!

There is always a stronger weapon to use in defense than the one attacking you is using in aggression.

The above choices were just an imaginary choice to show the way of winning, rather than fighting. The best choice of winning is win/win. But id you are fighting against poverty (win/lose) then always move up a step, so you are not “fighting fair” but consistently winning.

My choice of weapons are always spiritual first, metaphysical second and physical third. 

What sort of spiritual weapons do i use? Love and Justice, the two primary columns of the spiritual worlds. I use the application of the higher laws to ensure that I am always divinely protected. If someone attacks me they are also attacking God/the Universal spirit etc. It doesn’t matter if the perpetrator gets punished or not – that is none of my business! But invariable people reap their own karma – instant karma as John Lennon called it.

To invoke instant karma we have to move ourselves from the justice column to the Love column. Man is designed to live in the Love column. When someone wrongs us and we resent it, we move ourselves over to the justice column. The trouble is that the justice column belongs to God (“justice is Mine sayeth the Lord”). Because we are in the Justice column the effect is that the perpetrator’s karmic returns are blocked. Because we cannot administer justice, only block it by being in the wrong column. My weapon of choice to solve this problem is forgiveness. By me forgiving the perpetrator and handing him/her to Justice I effectively move myself back to the love column and remove the karmic blockage, so their own karma can flow to them. That  is why “forgiveness is the ultimate form of revenge!”

We have to live in the love column to be happy! In the love column we are still subject to Karma. If we plant carrots we reap carrots. If we plant thistles we reap thistles. But we have an out, which is called forgiveness. If we bring ourselves to account each day we can get the negative things we’ve done that day wiped from the karmic returns. This is a bit like weeding the garden of karma! Lol!

If someone else plants thistles they reap thistles – unless their fault was directed against us and we resent it. When we resent things we carry them into tomorrow and forever ,if they aren’t handled.

I learned this lesson many years ago when a person stole my car by forging my signature on a bill of sale. Technically (on the physical level) this was not considered a crime by the police. S o i was told to take him to small claims court. Then I found out he had been to small claims court and found guilty seven times and never paid a cent back to his victims. I brewed on this for three months before God told me to write a letter of forgiveness to this man. It took me 3 hours to write that letter!

When I had finished I asked what to do with it? “Burn it” was the reply and I did! I went to bed and slept like a baby. The next morning I went downtown early and there was the thief leaning against a lampost with a black eye, a thick lip, arm in a slink and walking with crutches. “Aha” I thought, “he reaped his karma!”  That was a very interesting lesson!

And i have used the forgiveness technique consciously since then.

Now, there are two ways to forgive people – one to Love and the other to Justice

Love is called Grace. When a friend hurts us unintentionally, then we forgive them and hand them onto Grace. So we wipe their Karmic returns by our actions, We deliberately  protect them from karma.

With malicious people, we forgive them and hand them onto Justice. Then we move ourselves back home to the Love column and hand them onto their instant karma. It invariably works! So being Spiritual is not for whimps! Lol!

So don’t get up and fight, retreat to your fortress of Spirituality and let then hurt themselves with their own actions!

Love, Peace, happiness and Prosperity,

reverend Master J’iam

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